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What is a transponder key? That key that opens your car door and starts your engine is no exception. Most cars today have what is known as transponder keys. But how do they work and what is the technology behind them?

The word Transponder is a combination derived from two words: Transmitter and responder. The idea behind a transponder is to communicate by transmitting, or sending, a signal message that is received by something that responds, a responder. It may surprise you to discover how the original transponder idea came about.

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Transponder technology was originally used during World War II to prevent pilots from mistakenly shooting down allied planes. These transponder systems allowed planes to send and receive messages through radio signals. After the war, we began to use this same technology for everyday phone calls in the telecommunication field as well as in security systems that included key-less entry systems for garages and homes. So why not include our vehicles as well!

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Transponder keys used on almost all vehicles today sometimes it looks like a regular key, but they are surrounded by a thick black plastic piece around the top of the key. Inside this black plastic is a micro-transponder chip. The technology that is packed with this piece of black plastic is very intricately designed and somewhat complicated.

Transponder keys cost more than the traditional metal cut keys because a transponder key is actually an intricate electronic security system and is designed to be low or no maintenance keys with batteries designed to continuously hold a charge. While some confuse the transponder key with being nothing more than a remote, they are actually two different things. The remotes control the vehicle’s door locks and not the car’s ignition.

A transponder key will not work by itself. It needs to be paired with a receiver, which is located in the car’s ignition. The tiny chip inside the transponder key has a serial number encoded and pre-programmed on it. When the transponder key is close to the receiver, as the result the receiver recognizes the serial number only if it is a match. It then allows you to unlock your vehicle and allow you to start the engine.

There are two different kinds of transponder keys:

  • Zero bitted
  • Encrypted


Zero bitted transponder can be copied or duplicated. Encrypted keys, on the other hand, are a quite a bit more tricky when trying to duplicate them because they need to be programmed by a car dealership or a qualified professional car locksmith Atlanta who knows how to work with transponder key Atlanta.

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