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Take a deep breath, and try to stay calm!

It may sound trite, but it’s true that the most important thing to do in a stressful situation like discovering that your keys are locked inside your vehicle, is to stay calm so you can think of all of your viable options. You locked your keys in the car, and while this happens every day to someone out there, that someone is not usually you. It is time to take the necessary steps to get back into your car, retrieve your keys, and get on with your day. There are do-it-yourself DIY tips that may work, or they may leave you in worse shape with a damaged lock or car that is not covered by insurance. Calling a locksmith is often your best bet to get help on the way, get you back inside, and on with your day. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips to try:

Make Sure You Are, Indeed, Locked Out

Locked Keys In Car? DIY TipsWhen you think you have locked your keys in the car, panic often takes over and all reason is thrown to the wayside. Sometimes, you are not actually locked out. There may be an open passenger door or a way to enter through your trunk or hatchback.

If you have checked all of your options for entry, and you are sure you are locked out, look around for tools that you might be able to use to get inside. Gone are the days, on most recent model cars, of picking up a wire or coat hanger and pulling the locking knob up. If you have a post lock and are wearing shoelaces, you might have enough of a tool to get the job done. Coat hangers and shoelaces work in much the same way. The basic idea is to get a loop-ended straight object through the window seal and the window and into position to lift the lock button. For sliding or push locks, a coat hanger that is straightened may be maneuvered to push the lock open as well. Sometimes a screwdriver as a makeshift wedge can be used.

WARNING: These tried and true sliding or push locks methods often leave damage to your car.

Another option is to go to a local store and buy tools to help get you inside your vehicle to retrieve your key. These tools include:


Air or rubber wedges are used to create a gap where you can insert the necessary tool to lift a lock. If you do not find an actual car wedge, a rubber door stop, or even a screwdriver may do the trick.

Probe or Plastic Strap

A probe works much like the coat hanger. It is basically a long, sturdy thin object with a loop on the end that can be inserted and positioned to lift a push button lock.

Slim Jim

Locked Keys In Car? DIY TipsThe slim Jim method is similar to the coat hanger, wedge and probe method. The difference is that the slim Jim fits into your door and is designed for this purpose. Be very careful, because there are now many wires and electronic components that are inside door panels that you could damage in an attempt to open your door.
Picking the Lock

If your vehicle was manufactured before the mid-1990’s, it probably has traditional locking mechanisms that consist of inside wafers and pins that can sometimes be jiggled into position to open. Use a professional lock-picking tool, or something like a paperclip sometimes works.

WARNING: An attempt at picking a lock may result in a damaged lock that is not covered by insurance.

Keys Locked In Trunk

To complicate a typical “locked my keys in the car” situation, sometimes your keys may be trapped inside a locked trunk. If this is the case, the best help some services can offer is to drill open your trunk lock, which leaves you with a hole in your car that isn’t covered by insurance.

Call for Help

Unless you have the proper tools or are extremely skilled at unlocking your vehicle with these or similar tools, there is a great chance you will damage your car in an attempt to get inside. It is time to call someone who is equipped with the proper tools and knows how to properly use them to open your doors without leaving any damage to your car.

Call On star or AAA

If you are a member of AAA, unlocking your vehicle may be part of your coverage plan. Otherwise, some On star services provide remote unlocking services. If your service agreement has run out, or if a car lockout is not part of your policy, these services will assess a fee that you may not be prepared to pay.

Call the Police

Some police officers are equipped for lockout situations, but some municipalities allow an officer to open your vehicle only if it is an emergency, such as a child trapped inside with the engine running.

Call a Locksmith

A local mobile locksmith is prepared to come to you quickly, usually within 30 minutes or less, get your car door open, and retrieve your keys or even make you a duplicate set on the spot, leaving you with no damage to your vehicle and charging a competitive and often very affordable rate for these services. Another benefit to using a professional locksmith when your keys are locked in your car is that they are trained and handle these lockout scenarios every day.

TIP: Calling a locksmith is often the best place to start to save you time, needless effort, and a whole lot of money, not to mention repair bills for damage that DIY attempts often leave.

Be prepared to share:

Your location
Make, model, and year of your car
Explain where your keys are located inside the vehicle
Provide proof of ID

Stay calm, and relax. Because, when you go straight to best solution, you will be back inside your car, with car keys in hand, and being locked out of your car with locked keys in car will not be a problem for long.

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Transponder Key

New Car Keys & Transponder Key Atlanta 24/7

What is a transponder key? That key that opens your car door and starts your engine is no exception. Most cars today have what is known as transponder keys. But how do they work and what is the technology behind them?

The word Transponder is a combination derived from two words: Transmitter and responder. The idea behind a transponder is to communicate by transmitting, or sending, a signal message that is received by something that responds, a responder. It may surprise you to discover how the original transponder idea came about.

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Transponder technology was originally used during World War II to prevent pilots from mistakenly shooting down allied planes. These transponder systems allowed planes to send and receive messages through radio signals. After the war, we began to use this same technology for everyday phone calls in the telecommunication field as well as in security systems that included key-less entry systems for garages and homes. So why not include our vehicles as well!

Transponder Key Atlanta


Transponder keys used on almost all vehicles today sometimes it looks like a regular key, but they are surrounded by a thick black plastic piece around the top of the key. Inside this black plastic is a micro-transponder chip. The technology that is packed with this piece of black plastic is very intricately designed and somewhat complicated.

Transponder keys cost more than the traditional metal cut keys because a transponder key is actually an intricate electronic security system and is designed to be low or no maintenance keys with batteries designed to continuously hold a charge. While some confuse the transponder key with being nothing more than a remote, they are actually two different things. The remotes control the vehicle’s door locks and not the car’s ignition.

A transponder key will not work by itself. It needs to be paired with a receiver, which is located in the car’s ignition. The tiny chip inside the transponder key has a serial number encoded and pre-programmed on it. When the transponder key is close to the receiver, as the result the receiver recognizes the serial number only if it is a match. It then allows you to unlock your vehicle and allow you to start the engine.

There are two different kinds of transponder keys:

  • Zero bitted
  • Encrypted


Zero bitted transponder can be copied or duplicated. Encrypted keys, on the other hand, are a quite a bit more tricky when trying to duplicate them because they need to be programmed by a car dealership or a qualified professional car locksmith Atlanta who knows how to work with transponder key Atlanta.

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Car Lockout

Car Lockout 

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a locksmith is a car lockout situation. It’s never fun when you realize your keys are inside the vehicle, and you are stranded outside a locked car. How you handle the situation will determine how quickly you get back on the road and out of potential danger. There are a few common circumstances that lead up to a car lockout.

Losing your keys at home or work – As simple as this sounds, it happens all of the time. You set the keys down in an unusual spot and think to yourself that you will remember where you set them, or you’re in a hurry with groceries or computer bag in hand and drop them. Perhaps, you rushed in the door just in time to meet an unexpected client, set your keys down to focus on the business at hand and later forget where you placed them. You don’t realize that they are not where they should be until you go to leave and cannot find them.

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Breaking your key in the ignition – You casually insert the key like you always do, and suddenly you hear a “Snap!” Oh no! You have the key, but it’s not either starting or turning off the engine. 

Car Lockout Atlanta Locked Keys In The Car  – Just as simple as losing your keys at home or work sounds like something that could never possibly happen to someone who gives even half a thought to their daily routines, it’s easier than you imagine to shut the car door and realize the keys are inside. Often, it’s that pit-in-your-stomach feeling as soon as you hear the latch close. This usually happens when you are loading or unloading items from the car and set them down inside the trunk, or maybe you’re out of routine, helping a child in and out of the car or distracted in some other way. This situation becomes of utmost emergency if you have also locked inside a child or a pet.

Locking your keys in the car with the engine still running – Worse than losing your keys or locking them in the car is when you not only locked your keys in the car, but the car is still running. At this point, every second count as your mind tally up the cost of gasoline being burned and the wear and tear on the engine idling with no one inside. 

Car Lockout Are A Common Problem

Whatever the cause of your car lockout, you are now in need of help. You need to regain access to your keys to get back on the road again in no time.

First, check to see if you have a spare key. If you do have a spare or have left an extra key with someone you trust you are in luck. If not, you will still need to figure out a way to get inside your locked car. Most current model cars automatically lock every door at the same time. There are some older model cars where only the driver’s door locks, leaving the passenger doors unlocked and accessible. If neither of these options works for you, it’s time to ask for professional car locksmith Atlanta help. While you wait for help, look for a safe location to wait while keeping an eye on your vehicle. Call Locksmith Atlanta now at (678) 942-6714 for FAST car lockout Atlanta!

Check out our DIY tips for keys Locked In The Car 

Call a trusted locksmith Atlanta who knows how to handle any car lockout Atlanta situation!

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Car Key

Hire A Locksmith For A Replacement Car Key 

Locked out of your own vehicle because you’ve lost your car key? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before and understand that it’s quite a frustrating situation to be in. While you try your best to gain access to your car on your own. It can be quite time-consuming unless you smash the driver’s windows and don’t mind paying for the replacement later. Even when you manage to get into your car again, how will you get it started? Unless you know how to jump start it, like in the movies, then don’t bother.

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To be quite frank, it will actually be better to just get a new car key replacement. Avoid all the crazy scenarios that you will be thinking of to gain full control of your vehicle again. Leave your crazy action-driven creative imagination out of this one this time. Make everything simple and just have a professional locksmith craft you a new car key in a short period of time.

What Can A Locksmith Do For Your Situation?

When it comes to car key, it isn’t as easy to make a new replica as it was. If you think that it’s as easy as molding out the imprint of your car key, you might be disappointed.

Ever since car companies started taking more and more rapid actions to implement security to their vehicles, your car and many others have acquired more complications such as implementing programmed chips on to the key to even allow the car to start its engine.

Locksmiths are well trained for these types of situation, however, unlike back in the days where they can craft a key and let you get in the car right away, they now have to worry about a programmed chip that has to be installed to get your car started. Without this chip, you can only unlock the doors and trunk, which defeats the whole purpose of having a car.

You want to drive your car, not chill in it. A great Locksmith Atlanta will not only craft you the right key but also reinstall the chip onto your key.

How Does The Whole Process Of A New Car Key Works?

New Car Key Atlanta The locksmith first starts off by understanding what type of car and car model you have. Car companies designed each car model differently with each one having a different key blank used to craft the key specifically for your car.

Once the locksmith has the information on your car, he or she will look up from the thousands of car key blanks that they have available and see if it fits your car. From here they are able to craft the car key using a profiling machine that will shape the key out to allow you to open your car’s doors and trunk, but cannot ignite the engine due to the installation of an ignition immobilizer that is installed in modern cars that require a chip.

Are you stuck then? Is that all a locksmith can do for you?

The answer is that there will be some ordinary locksmith (very few) that will not have the necessary machine to program the chip onto your car key. Most, however, do. Make sure you do your research to find the right locksmith Atlanta for you!

Most, however, do have the tools and machine to do so. Just Making sure you do your research to find the right locksmith Atlanta for you!

Most locksmiths including us will provide you with a device and machine that allows us to implement the chip needed to start your car’s engine. Once we will get the car key crafted and the chip installed, you’re set and ready to go! Don’t waste your time call Locksmith Atlanta For FAST service and low rates for professional new car key!

Final Thoughts

Crafting a new car key gets harder every day, but as professional locksmiths, we are always keeping up with the challenges for all locking, keys, and security needs. Avoid the hassle and frustration and hire a locksmith to get the job done right! Don’t get locked out ever again. 

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