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There is no more important place to feel safe than in your own home. A home locksmith is sometimes referred to as one who takes care of residential customer needs. These professional home locksmiths understand individual security and lock needs and are quite often on call to provide you with the utmost in services when you need them.

Some reasons to call upon a home locksmith include:


One of the most common reasons to call upon a home locksmith is when you find yourself locked out of your house and need help to gain access without causing damage to your locks. Don’t think it will never happen to you. It happens every day to even the most successful and well-organized individuals.

Lost Keys

Lockouts and lost keys often go hand-in-hand with calling upon the services of a home locksmith. When your keys are lost, other services are frequently needed to ensure security. Sometimes, lost keys will lead to having new keys cut or asking for locks rekeying or a complete change of locks. A home locksmith who knows his trade will be able to recommend services that fit your needs.

House Locksmith - Atlanta LocksmithLocks Rekeying

When your locks hardware is intact but you need a new set of keys, often a locks rekeying service is the answer. This takes your existing locks and changes out the inside components so that a new key is needed to use it. Locks rekeying is cheaper than a locks change, yet provides you with the security of knowing you are the only one with the working keys.

Locks Change

When a locks rekeying is not feasible, because the hardware or the lock is worn out, a locks change will be needed. Locks wear out over time even when they are well maintained or, for instance, after a burglary or an attempted burglary, complete home locks change is needed to provide you with a new set of locks and keys along with a sense of higher security.

Deadbolt Installation and Repair

An added measure of security comes with a quality deadbolt. A home locksmith is able to recommend the best brand for your door and lifestyle needs as well as install or repair your deadbolt to ensure safety.

Safe Installations and Cabinet Locks

A home locksmith will be able to install a home safe and install or repair cabinet locks throughout your home.

Garage Locks

The garage is a vulnerable spot for would-be intruders to enter your home. It is a fairly common means of entrance. Make sure your garage locks are working and are the best fit for your personal and family’s needs.

Home Locksmith - LocksmithKeyless Entry Systems

Never worry about losing your key again with an electronic keyless entry system. These systems require a bit of know-how about electronics and setting or using codes, but home locksmiths are well acquainted with which ones are best for your needs and how to install and service them.


Not only can a qualified locksmith recommend security systems, but they also know first hand about offering tips to keep your home safe. Many also specialize in security system installations.

The time to find a trusted home locksmith for your locks and security needs is before you are in an emergency situation and need one in a hurry. Take some time to research and find a reliable locksmith now, before you need one, to establish a trusting relationship with the one you know you can count on when you need a home locksmith.

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Home Locks Change

Home Locks Change 

Feel safe at home by making sure your home security is reliable. Peace of mind and safety is essential. The first line of defense for access to your home is your locks. Even if your house is decked out with all the latest in high-tech home security features, it often still comes down to something as simple as an unlocked door or a broken lock for a crook to simply walk inside. While a complete home locks change is not something you usually need to do often, there are specific situations that call for immediate home locks change.

There is really no distinct checklist as to the exact time and day that your locks will need to be changed. However, certain situations warrant the need for a home locks changes. Following is a list of the common reasons that lead up to requiring a homes locks change and home locks rekeying:


House Locks Change AtlantaStart with a fresh, clean and safe set of locks. Probably the most noted reason to change your home locks is when you buy a home that was previously occupied by someone else. When those house keys are handed to you with anticipation, you have no idea how many spare copies of your key are out there in the hands of people you don’t know. These people may never try to cause you any harm and may never have any intention of ever using their spare key to enter your home to steal or cause damage to your property. Still, it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security and safety in your new home.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Whenever you have lost your keys, or if they were stolen; it’s important to change the locks on your home as soon as you can. Even if someone found them and returned them to you, you have no idea whether or not they made a duplicate copy before giving you back your original key. Whenever you don’t know for sure who has access to your front door or a key to any lock on your house, it is time to have a home locks change. Don’t waste any time! Lost your keys? Call Locksmith Atlanta now for fast and professional home locks change.

Burglary or Attempted Break-Ins

House Locks Change In AtlantaIf your home has been burglarized or a break in has been attempted to your house or any nearby neighbors’ homes, it is definitely time to change the locks. Your first call should be to the police followed by a call to your insurance agent and then a locksmith to request a home locks change immediately. The worry is not that someone has a spare key to let themselves in, but rather that the lock itself has become damaged in an attempt to pick it or kick it in. Don’t wait for the burglars to come back!!! Call Locksmith Atlanta for expert home locks change.

Damaged or Broken Lock

Your home does not have to be burglarized for locks to be damaged or become compromised in their ability to function properly. Like any other working equipment in your home, locks wear out. Of course, it’s recommended to maintain them well by cleaning and lubricating them from time to time. However, even the best-kept lock will eventually wear out or become obsolete. The good news to your time and pocket book is that, while door locks do need to be added to the list of items that require regular maintenance, they are not something that typically needs regular updating like filters on heating and air conditioning systems or light bulbs.

Divorce or Other Life Change and Relationships

Divorce is a top reason for a home locks change. Even if your divorce was as amicable as humanly possible, emotions get triggered. Even if both you and your ex-spouse have steady heads, it’s not unheard of to find that he or she has entered your home while you were away in order to gather some of their belongings. Sometimes these belongings may have actually been yours. Though, some situations of their entering, though once shared is now your home, may seem to make sense; it is never a good idea to take chances on trouble, especially if there are children involved.

Another life change may involve a falling out between you and a roommate who has a key and could potentially come back to retaliate in anger. Halt any of these potentially harmful situations in their tracks by simply changing your locks. If your break up between a spouse or roommate is volatile, it may be a good idea to look into a home security system or even security cameras.

You don’t need to feel as if your life is in danger, however, to get locks change. If you rent out a room to changing roommates often, have added a new baby, adopted or foster child to your home recently, or if you have given your key to a contract worker who may have been inside and taken inventory of your possessions and knows when you are typing away, it’s always a good idea to change your locks.

Prevent A Potential Disaster

Change home locks AtlantaPrevent a catastrophe by paying attention and being aware of your surroundings and your life situations when it comes to your locks at home. Whenever you want to safeguard your home, it’s time to call a locksmith to perform a home locks change as a preventative measure for safety. Don’t take chances by doing it yourself. Call to talk to a professional who will be able to examine your locks and recommend the proper services to keep you safe. Schedule a time to discuss your home locks needs or to have your locks changed today. 

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