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Locks Maintenance Tips

Expert Locks Maintenance Tips By Locksmith Atlanta

Insert the key, turn, and the door opens. It’s expected and works over and over again without issue.  Though, did you know that lock manufacturer recommend that locks be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis in order to last as long as they can and not fail to lock or unlock when you need it to function properly? Don’t be surprised if you were unaware, because it is not something most of us think about every day.

Why Maintain Locks?

Your locks are there to keep trespassers and would-be burglars out of your property. Because locks are your first line of defense, it’s imperative for the sake of safety and peace of mind that all of your locks are functioning as intended, working well to keep you safe. Maintaining your locks not only give you a confident level of security but also save money in the long run that you would spend on expensive locks changes that may have been unnecessary if the lock had simply been properly cared for and maintained. Knowledgeable locksmiths share some expert tips and advice on how to properly maintain your locks by keeping them clean, lubricated as well as some helpful information you may have never considered.


Lock Lubricate - Locksmith AtlantaLocks have intricate, moving parts that make it work as it should. It is necessary to keep these parts free of friction so they turn and work like they are supposed to in locking or unlocking. The lubricant helps to keep the lock from jamming or sticking and also wards off the onset of rusting which happens quicker when the lock is exposed to outdoor elements of extreme weather conditions. Experts recommend that you lubricate your locks at least once a year and preferably once every few months. The brand of the lubricant you choose could make a difference as well. Many locksmiths recommend WD-40, though some suggest a product called Tri-Flow is even better, as it uses less harsh and harmful chemicals.


As with most objects, keeping them clean often expands their life and usefulness. Locks are no exception. It’s important to keep them clean. When it comes to locks, there are two parts: The exterior which can easily be wiped down with a non-abrasive cleaner or a damp cloth and mild dish detergent, and the interior intricate moving parts. The interior is a bit trickier to keep clean, mostly because you cannot see it.

Is The Deadbolt Working?

Deadbolts add an extra measure of security to your house when the lock is functioning properly. When you routinely clean your locks, make sure that the deadbolt is not showing signs of wear and that it has enough space to extend and retract fully.

Have An Extra Key Cut

Keys and locks are designed to work together. If one is in good condition, the other will be less likely to wear out as fast. Likewise, if one component is wearing out, the other will also begin to fail. Usually, it’s the key that begins to show signs of wear before you notice a malfunctioning lock. A hidden secret that professional locksmiths know about is that one way to keep a lock working properly is to have a new key cut for use in the lock. Once you have a new key, swap out the old one and begin using the freshly cut key.

Whey Rekey Your Locks? Locksmith Atlanta

Why Rekey Your Locks

Installing a new set of locks requires boring new holes to fit a new lock, Don’t pay for entirely new locks change when locks rekey will do. Locks rekey provides an affordable locks service that gives you security because you know you are the only one who has access to the keys that open your doors at home or at work. Re-keying keeps the lock hardware in place while changing the keys required to open the lock.

Locks Rekey is a process that installs a brand new set of keys on existing locks. The locks are re-keyed by changing the inner core of the lock, leaving the outside hardware intact. As soon as the locks re-key service is complete, all of the old keys are no longer usable for opening the lock to gain entry. 

Why Rekey Your LocksBefore a lock can be re-keyed, the inside cylinder, called the keyhole, of the lock must be removed. The plug of the cylinder is what holds the tumbler inside the lock and is the part that receives the key. For a key to work, the tumblers have to match the cut ridges of a key. When locks are re-keyed, these tumblers are exchanged for new tumblers that fit the new key. After the new key and tumblers are aligned, the locksmith will reassemble the lock. Don’t waste your time call our lock rekey Atlanta Now!

Re-keying is less expensive than changing the entire locking system. Locks rekey is available to customers whose existing locks are in good condition. If you have lost your keys or have given a duplicate set of keys to a once trusted family member or friend whom you no longer trust, or there have been break-ins in your area, it’s a great time for a re-keying. Regain peace of mind and security by having your locks rekeyed.

Some of the most common reasons you know it’s time to have your locks rekey include:

Lost Keys – When you lose your keys, you don’t know who might have access to the keys. They may be in the hands of a potential intruder. The most secure way to know that you are safe is to get your locks re-keyed. Don’t spend your time and money call Locksmith Atlanta now for professional locks rekey Atlanta!

Going Through a Divorce, or Extra Sets of Keys That Fit Your Lock Are in the Hands of Former Employees, Former Roommates, or Strangers For Any Reason – Whenever there is an uncertain change in trust of those who hold a copy of a key that opens your doors. It’s time to rest assured in peace and confidence by re-keying all of your locks. Divorce often gets ugly, and it’s best to start fresh with new keys. Other situations that leave you feeling vulnerable with others having keys to your home or office include a roommate moving out or an employee quitting or getting fired.

Don’t jeopardize your security get your locks rekeyed

New Roommates Need Their Own Set of Keys – After a roommate moves out and another moves in, the new roommate will need their own set of keys. It’s best to make sure the keys you are handing him or her are only going into their hands.

New Home or Office – When you move into a new home or office, hire a locksmith Atlanta. Have your locks rekeyed by a locksmith will make you fill secure. Knowing you are the only one with your home or office keys.

Recent Break-in – Whether someone has attempted to enter your home in an unwelcoming manner or there have been break-in attempts reported in your area, it’s time for a new key. Locksmith Atlanta is here to help! Call us now for expert locks rekey service.

Locksmith Atlanta ready to assist at a moment’s notice with all types of locks rekey needs.