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Top 6 Reasons For Changing Your Locks

Reason For Home and Business Locks Change

Changing locks whether at home or business is usually an inconvenience but often the best safety measure to take. A qualified locksmith is a critical component in your home and office security. There are many reasons when a home or business locks change is the best option.

Top Reason For Locks ChangeBreak-In Attempt – One of the most important reasons for a locks change is if you have experienced a break-in. Even if the crooks were unsuccessful, they most likely used force in an attempt to break in. This forceful attempt to break the lock does a lot of damage to the lock, or at very least, makes it easier for the prowler to come back and try again. This time, the crook may be successful at making the lock more susceptible to failing in its duty to keep you safe and secure.Call Locksmith Atlanta for professional locks changes service after break-in.  

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Lost Keys – Besides a recent break in, one of the main reasons someone needs locks change is because they lose their keys. If you don’t know where your keys are, you don’t know if someone else perhaps has them which would give them access to your home or business. For security sake, it’s best to get a fresh start by changing the locks and getting new keys. If you lost your keys don’t hesitate call Locksmith Atlanta for professional locks change & locks rekey. 

Locks Wear Out – When locks begin to show wear or rust, they become less reliable and could fail to work altogether. In addition to the wear and tear on the locks, older style of locks are simply easier for a criminal to pick or break. If you notice your locks tarnishing or rusting or they become difficult to open, it’s time for you to have the locks rekey. Call us for a free estimate for any locks repair and locks change 24/7.

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Top Reason For Locks ChangeNew Home – After you are handed the keys to your new home is a very good time to immediately have your locks change, since you most likely don’t know the previous owner who may have extra copies of the keys hanging around or extra copies he or she may have trusted to a friend or neighbor are able to be used. Let’s hope the previous home owner had a good sense of judgment, but just to be on the safe side, change the locks. Sleep sound in your first night at your new home knowing your locks are secure.

Bye, Bye Roommate or Co-Worker- If you shared the home, apartment or business with a roommate or co-worker, it’s a good idea to have your locks change when they move out or move on or in the case of a divorce or separation. This is especially true if the departure was on less than friendly terms.

Extra Keys Floating Around – If you have given out spare keys to service personnel, repairmen, maids, neighbors, or anyone you once trusted and they lose them or do not return them for some other reason, it’s very important to change the locks.

Whether or not any catastrophic event has occurred, it’s advisable for everyone who owns a home or business with valuables inside to change the locks every few years. Not only do locks wear out over time but the technology behind them improves making them harder to crack them open. A locks change is an easy process for a professional locksmith and doesn’t take much time to complete. 

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