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Top Locks Brands

When selecting a lock for your home or business, you want to ensure that you have the right lock for the job. Not all locks are similar. Different lock brands have unique features designed for specific situations. It is not as about going for the first or cheapest lock you see. Think about what you want to do with a lock and where it will be located before you even begin to shop. We are the lock expert who can help you select the best lock that will fit your needs.

This top lock guide will highlight various major lock brands and their main features.

  • Schlage

Schlage makes both keyed and keyless entry locks offering top security solutions for home and office. For a durable, tamper-proof lock, Schlage Everest Primus is the industry leader to turn to. Schlage products provide optimal security with master/keyway systems and also with its keyless entry systems.

  • Kwikset

Kwikset locks offer an innovative technology called SmartKey which allows you to re-key your lock by yourself, saving you money and time. Kwikset is perfect for rental properties and businesses where there’s need to change locks regularly. In addition to being bump proof and pick resistant locks, Kwikset SmartKey padlocks also provide the ability to rekey the lock.

  • Corbin-Russwin

If you seek commercial grade durability and strength, then Corbin-Russwin lock is for you. Attractive, sturdy and quite easy to install, these locks are great for institutional uses such as classrooms, healthcare facilities, and hotels.

  • Arrow

For strong security reasons, universities, public schools, libraries use Arrow locks. It is durable and secure in highly trafficked places. Arrow Lock’s diverse line includes key systems, locking hardware, and door control, which implies that you can trust the durable, affordable, family of Arrow locks when you’re looking for a lock that will meet your security needs.

  • Sargent

Sargent offers a broad range of high-security lock options which includes fobs, keyed entry, keypad locking systems, and keyless entry. Sargent lock systems come with complementary hardware and are generally used in hospitals, behavioral health facilities, and schools. If you need a great, durable, and secure lock system for your home or business, Sargent is a good place to start.

  • Kaba Ilco

Kaba Ilco is the go-to brand for vacation property owners, hospitality agents, and property managers. With its comprehensive electronic key card system and mobile access solution, Kaba-Ilco lock systems are perfect for vacation rentals, housing complexes, and apartment buildings. They also have a variety of access control devices for commercial facilities such as turnstiles, pushbutton locks, barrier solutions and installed access control for secure areas.

  • Baldwin

Baldwin locks are popularly recognized for their outstanding security and attractive design styles. With a variety of options ranging from traditional to contemporary hardware options, Baldwin locks work well with almost any home décor. With a large line of home security solutions such as knobs, levers, deadbolts, keyless entry, and pocket door locks in high-quality designs, they mix nicely into the surrounding furnishings.

  • Falcon

When it comes to functionality, Falcon leads the pack in providing automatic door operation features as well as touch bar exit features and other effective hardware solutions for doors. Falcon locks can be found in many commercials, government, educational, and healthcare facilities. Falcon products are distinguished for their high security and are found at the Pentagon, White House, federal office buildings, and even state and federal prisons, and other secure government buildings.

  • Medeco

The Medeco brand is certified by the Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) multi-attribute certification which makes this brand environmental friendly. Medeco also offers e Cylinder, which is a wireless locking format that provides accountability, system management, physical security, and controlled access.

  • Adams-Rite 

Adams-rites primary focus remains the industrial settings. Electrified strike and latch, which is their most popular product, is fully loaded and suited for commercial and industrial facilities. Adams-rites line of e Latch products ensures ease of control and strong security. They also provide electric door lock features.

To know more about our recommended lock systems or to speak to our experts to help you select the best lock to meet your needs when you need your locks change, contact us. We’ll ensure that you find the best brand to keep your home or business safe and secure. Contact us at (678) 942-6714.

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Bump Keys - Locksmith Atlanta

Bump Key

Most pin tumbler locks are vulnerable to lock bumping. Bumping a lock is a way of opening a pin tumbler style of a lock by inserting what is called a bump key and then “bumping” or slightly jarring it to open. The bump key is sometimes also called a rapping or a 999 key. The bump lock key must line up with the lock to open it along the side grooves. The key is inserted and then pulled back out slightly to line up the pins. A slight whack on the back of the key caused the pins to jump above the shear line and, for a split second, the drive pins separate so that the plug is able to be rotated.

Facts About Bump Key

  • More than 90% of United States home owners use a cylinder lock on their doors
  • More than 95% of new lock brands sold at hardware stores are vulnerable to lock bumping
  • A bump key aligns in a key way naturally and can naturally include methods to bypass auxiliary locking mechanisms. Keys are relatively inexpensive to obtain and modify. Bump keys are not universal due to key way restrictions.
  • It is possible to bump open a lock in less than 10 secondsBump Key | Bump Lock - Locksmith Atlanta
  • Lock bumping shows no signs of forced entry or damage
  • A bump key can be made in less than 5 minutes by a nonprofessional
  • A bump key can be purchased on the internet, no questions asked
  • Lock bumping is so easy that a child can do it.

How a Bump Key is Made – How Bumping Works

A blank key with spaces cut to the lowest possible cuts is the first step in creating a pull-out key to be used for bumping a lock. The bump key is inserted into the lock and then moved one pin position before being bumped. All that is needed to create the impact of the bump is slight tension from your hand and then a strike, straight on, from a bump hammer. If everything works as intended, the driver pins will jump, and the plug will turn provided they are all above the shear line. It’s a sometimes delicate procedure that often times takes more than one attempt.

Protect Your Lock Against Bump Key

Most locks that are available in a hardware store are able to be bumped, so it is beneficial to look at more solid locks. However, before you think spending a lot of money on a lock is the answer, understand that even expensive locks can have cheap cylinders that are able to be bumped. To make locks even more vulnerable, bump keys are sold on the internet and are easily accessible to would-be criminals. Burglars who use bump keys to enter know that the forensics will show no visible signs of forced entry unless the lock is thoroughly examined. 

Sidebars or sliders are a good line of defense against bumping. Some key manufacturers, such as Schlage, make bump-proof locks and keys. These keys have an extra tumbler that is unable to be bumped. Some brands add multiple pins and a sidebar that is not able to be bumped. Medeco makes a Bi-Axle key teeth are angled. Tumblers fit the notches and twist. Mul-T-Lock brand is known for its security features and its strength.

Another option is to go key-less with programmable, combination locks that cannot be bumped.

For deadbolts, there is an anti-bumping device that is designed to prevent thumb turn parts of the deadbolt from turning, which means the key cannot retract back inside the lock to open it.

Install Security Pins

Have a professional locksmith install special pins, known as security pins, to make the lock more difficult to bump. These pins are designed to bind before they reach the lock’s sheer line.

Shadow Drilling – Top Gapping

Non-pin mechanisms, such as a disc-detainer, combination, wafer, warder, or lever based lock, cannot be bumped. To prevent a bump key from making contact with all pin stacks, a random pin chamber is drilled higher than the others. One downside to this method is if you ever need your lock re-keyed, shadow drilling sometimes presents issues unless the position and height of the shadowed chamber are identifiable by the locksmith. Top Gapping is a method used to prevent driver pins from falling into the plug. Top gapping tapers driver pins.

Lock Bumping and Bump Keys Video

Most Common Types Of Locks - Locksmith Atlanta

Most Common Types Of Locks

When you are lock shopping, should you buy a knob lock? A deadbolt? A patio door lock? a lever lock? Or go completely electronic and keyless? Choose the best lock for your needs by first understanding how each type of lock works. Atlanta Experts Locksmith explains: 

Knob Locks

Knob locks have a knob handle on both sides of the door. One side has a keyhole, while the other side has a turn button lock. The lock cylinder is inside the lock and not inside the door. Knob locks are used with success for interior doors but are not recommended for exterior doors unless it is a modified version, or simple passage knob, that includes a deadbolt lock because they can easily be jarred loose with a tool as basic as a hammer.


A deadbolt provides extra security by adding a metal bolt that slides into the door jamb. The bolt turns by a latch or a keyhole. Deadbolts are common, extremely effective, and cost-effective in securing external doors. Though, they may also be used well for locking cabinet drawers or doors. There are several types of deadbolts. They typically are available in two types – single cylinder or double cylinder. A single cylinder requires one key. A double cylinder requires a key no matter which side of the door you are locking or unlocking. The strike plate, the rectangular metal piece in the door frame, helps to keep the bolt secure and keeps it from ripping through the frame.

  • Single-A single deadbolt has a keyhole on the outside of the door and an affixed thumb turn on the inside.
  • Double-A double deadbolt has a key cylinder on both sides of the door instead of a thumb turn on one side.
  • Captive – A captive deadbolt is a double deadbolt that has a key which looks like a thumb turn hidden on the inside.
  • Jimmy Proof – A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface mount lock that works well with double doors. The deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, which makes it almost impossible to pry apart or to remove from the outside.

Deadbolt Locks - Atlanta Experts Locksmith

Electronic Keyless Entry

Keyless locking systems are basically deadbolts that use a numbered keypad instead of a key. Get the code right, and the deadbolt slides open. Electronic keyless entry systems are more expensive than other locks and feature two main types of keyless entry pads – A touchpad, or a card tag system. They work well when more than one person has access to the lock.

Patio Door Locks

Sliding patio doors, often made of glass, require a special kind of lock. They need to secure the door while taking into account the style of the door. The patio door locks don’t get in the way when trying to open and close the door. Patio door locks come in deadbolt style for hinged single and double doors, cam style for hinged doors that requires a bored hole through the glass, keyless or combination style locks for sliding or hinged doors which are less obtrusive than typical combination locks, and ratchet style locks that are designed specifically for sliding glass doors and require a key to open.

Lever Locks

Lever handle locks are often used in commercial settings on the interior doors. These locks are easier to open than knob locks because they have a large pushdown style handle that is easy to press or lift. They are often used when handicap accessibility is an issue of importance.

Still don’t know what type of lock to choose or what lock brand to buy, give us a call at (678) 942-6714 before changing your locks, we will be happy to guide you.

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Locks Maintenance Tips

Expert Locks Maintenance Tips By Locksmith Atlanta

Insert the key, turn, and the door opens. It’s expected and works over and over again without issue.  Though, did you know that lock manufacturer recommend that locks be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis in order to last as long as they can and not fail to lock or unlock when you need it to function properly? Don’t be surprised if you were unaware, because it is not something most of us think about every day.

Why Maintain Locks?

Your locks are there to keep trespassers and would-be burglars out of your property. Because locks are your first line of defense, it’s imperative for the sake of safety and peace of mind that all of your locks are functioning as intended, working well to keep you safe. Maintaining your locks not only give you a confident level of security but also save money in the long run that you would spend on expensive locks changes that may have been unnecessary if the lock had simply been properly cared for and maintained. Knowledgeable locksmiths share some expert tips and advice on how to properly maintain your locks by keeping them clean, lubricated as well as some helpful information you may have never considered.


Lock Lubricate - Locksmith AtlantaLocks have intricate, moving parts that make it work as it should. It is necessary to keep these parts free of friction so they turn and work like they are supposed to in locking or unlocking. The lubricant helps to keep the lock from jamming or sticking and also wards off the onset of rusting which happens quicker when the lock is exposed to outdoor elements of extreme weather conditions. Experts recommend that you lubricate your locks at least once a year and preferably once every few months. The brand of the lubricant you choose could make a difference as well. Many locksmiths recommend WD-40, though some suggest a product called Tri-Flow is even better, as it uses less harsh and harmful chemicals.


As with most objects, keeping them clean often expands their life and usefulness. Locks are no exception. It’s important to keep them clean. When it comes to locks, there are two parts: The exterior which can easily be wiped down with a non-abrasive cleaner or a damp cloth and mild dish detergent, and the interior intricate moving parts. The interior is a bit trickier to keep clean, mostly because you cannot see it.

Is The Deadbolt Working?

Deadbolts add an extra measure of security to your house when the lock is functioning properly. When you routinely clean your locks, make sure that the deadbolt is not showing signs of wear and that it has enough space to extend and retract fully.

Have An Extra Key Cut

Keys and locks are designed to work together. If one is in good condition, the other will be less likely to wear out as fast. Likewise, if one component is wearing out, the other will also begin to fail. Usually, it’s the key that begins to show signs of wear before you notice a malfunctioning lock. A hidden secret that professional locksmiths know about is that one way to keep a lock working properly is to have a new key cut for use in the lock. Once you have a new key, swap out the old one and begin using the freshly cut key.

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Home Locks Change

Home Locks Change 

Feel safe at home by making sure your home security is reliable. Peace of mind and safety is essential. The first line of defense for access to your home is your locks. Even if your house is decked out with all the latest in high-tech home security features, it often still comes down to something as simple as an unlocked door or a broken lock for a crook to simply walk inside. While a complete home locks change is not something you usually need to do often, there are specific situations that call for immediate home locks change.

There is really no distinct checklist as to the exact time and day that your locks will need to be changed. However, certain situations warrant the need for a home locks changes. Following is a list of the common reasons that lead up to requiring a homes locks change and home locks rekeying:


House Locks Change AtlantaStart with a fresh, clean and safe set of locks. Probably the most noted reason to change your home locks is when you buy a home that was previously occupied by someone else. When those house keys are handed to you with anticipation, you have no idea how many spare copies of your key are out there in the hands of people you don’t know. These people may never try to cause you any harm and may never have any intention of ever using their spare key to enter your home to steal or cause damage to your property. Still, it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security and safety in your new home.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Whenever you have lost your keys, or if they were stolen; it’s important to change the locks on your home as soon as you can. Even if someone found them and returned them to you, you have no idea whether or not they made a duplicate copy before giving you back your original key. Whenever you don’t know for sure who has access to your front door or a key to any lock on your house, it is time to have a home locks change. Don’t waste any time! Lost your keys? Call Locksmith Atlanta now for fast and professional home locks change.

Burglary or Attempted Break-Ins

House Locks Change In AtlantaIf your home has been burglarized or a break in has been attempted to your house or any nearby neighbors’ homes, it is definitely time to change the locks. Your first call should be to the police followed by a call to your insurance agent and then a locksmith to request a home locks change immediately. The worry is not that someone has a spare key to let themselves in, but rather that the lock itself has become damaged in an attempt to pick it or kick it in. Don’t wait for the burglars to come back!!! Call Locksmith Atlanta for expert home locks change.

Damaged or Broken Lock

Your home does not have to be burglarized for locks to be damaged or become compromised in their ability to function properly. Like any other working equipment in your home, locks wear out. Of course, it’s recommended to maintain them well by cleaning and lubricating them from time to time. However, even the best-kept lock will eventually wear out or become obsolete. The good news to your time and pocket book is that, while door locks do need to be added to the list of items that require regular maintenance, they are not something that typically needs regular updating like filters on heating and air conditioning systems or light bulbs.

Divorce or Other Life Change and Relationships

Divorce is a top reason for a home locks change. Even if your divorce was as amicable as humanly possible, emotions get triggered. Even if both you and your ex-spouse have steady heads, it’s not unheard of to find that he or she has entered your home while you were away in order to gather some of their belongings. Sometimes these belongings may have actually been yours. Though, some situations of their entering, though once shared is now your home, may seem to make sense; it is never a good idea to take chances on trouble, especially if there are children involved.

Another life change may involve a falling out between you and a roommate who has a key and could potentially come back to retaliate in anger. Halt any of these potentially harmful situations in their tracks by simply changing your locks. If your break up between a spouse or roommate is volatile, it may be a good idea to look into a home security system or even security cameras.

You don’t need to feel as if your life is in danger, however, to get locks change. If you rent out a room to changing roommates often, have added a new baby, adopted or foster child to your home recently, or if you have given your key to a contract worker who may have been inside and taken inventory of your possessions and knows when you are typing away, it’s always a good idea to change your locks.

Prevent A Potential Disaster

Change home locks AtlantaPrevent a catastrophe by paying attention and being aware of your surroundings and your life situations when it comes to your locks at home. Whenever you want to safeguard your home, it’s time to call a locksmith to perform a home locks change as a preventative measure for safety. Don’t take chances by doing it yourself. Call to talk to a professional who will be able to examine your locks and recommend the proper services to keep you safe. Schedule a time to discuss your home locks needs or to have your locks changed today. 

Needs your home locks change Atlanta? Don’t waste time and money on searching for a locksmith, Call Locksmith Atlanta Now! We are quick and affordable 24-hour mobile locksmith in Atlanta GA.

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Mailbox Lock Change

Mailbox Lock Change 

When it comes to community mailboxes, like those found at the entry of some neighborhoods or apartment buildings. All of the mail for the complex is delivered to individual locked mailboxes that are located in one central location. The mail carrier delivers all of the mail for the entire building or neighborhood to one convenient spot. You are assigned a specific mailbox where your individual mail is delivered under lock and key.

Mailbox Lock Change - Locksmith Atlanta While your assigned mailbox is where your individual mail will be delivered. You will need to walk or drive to the wall of mailboxes to retrieve your mail. Community-mailboxes save time for the postal worker who is able to deliver bundles of mail for the entire apartment complex.

Lost your mailbox lock key? We in Locksmith Atlanta can help. Our 24-hour mobile locksmith service provides a professional mailbox lock change in Atlanta and surrounding cities. We offer professional locks change for all mailbox locks and boxes beside the USPS federal mailbox. Our technicians carrying all types of mailbox locks at their work vans and will be able to match your old mailbox lock with a new lock and provide you with a new set of keys and the ability to get your mail again.

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Mailbox Lock Change AtlantaThere are two basic kinds of community mailboxes. While all mail delivery is protected under federal law when it comes to tampering with it, some mailboxes and their locks are the property of the United States Postal Service and are serviced by the federal government. The other kind of community mailbox is set up and owned by the Home Owners Association or condominium complex owners. Both types of mailboxes can legally be serviced by a professional locksmith as long as proof of identity is provided by the resident to whom the mailbox is assigned.

Usually, mailbox lock is found on community mailboxes, but individual residents are finding the benefits of locking up their street or rural mailboxes as well. While the most common type of mailbox lock is the basic key and tumbler, there are other options available for locking your mailboxes. Choose a lock that meets your needs. Such as mailbox vaults with locks designed for larger mailboxes so packages can be securely dropped off.

Lost Your Mailbox Key? 

Just like with any other mechanical component, you need to maintain your lock. They are often outside in the elements of extreme cold or heat as well as rain and snow. This makes the locks rust, corrode and wear out over time. When mailbox lock stop working properly, it is time to replace them.

Like with any lock, it’s a good time to replace the lock and key if you have lost your keys or think someone you don’t know or don’t trust may have access to a duplicate key. It’s also a safety measure to replace mailbox lock whenever you move into a new home or apartment complex. 

Locksmith Atlanta provides a professional mailbox lock change for all type of mailbox lock – Visit us at Atlanta Experts Locksmith or call now (678) 942-6714! We are here to help!

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Why Change Your Lock - Locksmith Atlanta

Top 6 Reasons For Changing Your Locks

Reason For Home and Business Locks Change

Changing locks whether at home or business is usually an inconvenience but often the best safety measure to take. A qualified locksmith is a critical component in your home and office security. There are many reasons when a home or business locks change is the best option.

Top Reason For Locks ChangeBreak-In Attempt – One of the most important reasons for a locks change is if you have experienced a break-in. Even if the crooks were unsuccessful, they most likely used force in an attempt to break in. This forceful attempt to break the lock does a lot of damage to the lock, or at very least, makes it easier for the prowler to come back and try again. This time, the crook may be successful at making the lock more susceptible to failing in its duty to keep you safe and secure.Call Locksmith Atlanta for professional locks changes service after break-in.  

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Lost Keys – Besides a recent break in, one of the main reasons someone needs locks change is because they lose their keys. If you don’t know where your keys are, you don’t know if someone else perhaps has them which would give them access to your home or business. For security sake, it’s best to get a fresh start by changing the locks and getting new keys. If you lost your keys don’t hesitate call Locksmith Atlanta for professional locks change & locks rekey. 

Locks Wear Out – When locks begin to show wear or rust, they become less reliable and could fail to work altogether. In addition to the wear and tear on the locks, older style of locks are simply easier for a criminal to pick or break. If you notice your locks tarnishing or rusting or they become difficult to open, it’s time for you to have the locks rekey. Call us for a free estimate for any locks repair and locks change 24/7.

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Top Reason For Locks ChangeNew Home – After you are handed the keys to your new home is a very good time to immediately have your locks change, since you most likely don’t know the previous owner who may have extra copies of the keys hanging around or extra copies he or she may have trusted to a friend or neighbor are able to be used. Let’s hope the previous home owner had a good sense of judgment, but just to be on the safe side, change the locks. Sleep sound in your first night at your new home knowing your locks are secure.

Bye, Bye Roommate or Co-Worker- If you shared the home, apartment or business with a roommate or co-worker, it’s a good idea to have your locks change when they move out or move on or in the case of a divorce or separation. This is especially true if the departure was on less than friendly terms.

Extra Keys Floating Around – If you have given out spare keys to service personnel, repairmen, maids, neighbors, or anyone you once trusted and they lose them or do not return them for some other reason, it’s very important to change the locks.

Whether or not any catastrophic event has occurred, it’s advisable for everyone who owns a home or business with valuables inside to change the locks every few years. Not only do locks wear out over time but the technology behind them improves making them harder to crack them open. A locks change is an easy process for a professional locksmith and doesn’t take much time to complete. 

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