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Eviction Locksmith Services

Eviction is not a word anyone wants to hear. Bringing in the help of law enforcement, court orders, and even eviction locksmith services becomes necessary when the situation escalates and one or both parties become uncooperative or threatening to security and safety of the property, renter, or landlord.

Why Evict?

Buying or renting a house, apartment or condominium should be a pleasant, happy experience. Two parties enter an agreement where one agrees to pay the other in exchange for the right to occupy and live in the premises of a house, an apartment, or a condo. When a renter and a landlord or a buyer and a mortgage company enter an agreement, no one likes the thought of something going wrong, ending in a possible eviction. However, when the renter or occupant fails to pay the rent or otherwise breaches the lease agreement, things tend to get unfriendly. Often, eviction locksmith services are needed.

Eviction Locksmith Services Must Comply With The Law

Eviction laws are different in every state, but generally speaking, a locksmith is not allowed to change locks on a rental property for a landlord if the tenant is still in possession of the property and has not given their permission.

Tenants use locksmiths

When you arrive home and find it boarded up or new locks installed, a locksmith may be able to help, though sometimes a court re-entry order may be necessary. Landlords are not allowed to legally lock tenants out of their apartment, condo, or home unless there is a court order that states otherwise because the property has been abandoned or rent way overdue.

Unless a lease or rental agreement prevents it, a trustworthy locksmith will be able to install security devices for tenants and is able to open locks on mailboxes, garages, safes, or other storage areas.

Landlords use locksmiths for legal evictions

Eviction Locksmith Services - Locksmith Atlanta After a landlord has obtained a court order to evict a tenant, a locksmith is able to legally open the locks, sometimes this requires the presence of a police officer or sheriff if the tenant has become uncooperative.

A locksmith will be able to help in changing locks or rekeying locks after the tenant is moved out to ensure the safety of the next renter or occupant of the house.

Eviction processes can be messy and pose the risk of the renter retaliating with a break-in attempt or vandalism. Often a landlord feels safer by asking a locksmith to change locks or beef up security settings, change intercom systems or key-less entry codes, change filing cabinets or safe locks, changing garage locks or codes, and covering locks on storage areas, gates, and mailboxes.

Locksmiths who deal with evictions know when it is appropriate to change or re-key a lock, make sure the tenant will no longer have access to the premises, and show up to get the job done in a timely manner.

When you need eviction locksmith services, call upon the help of a knowledgeable professional you know you can trust. Locksmith technicians who understand and are experienced with the eviction process know how to work with law enforcement and court orders to ensure the safety and protect the rights of both the renter and the landlord.

When you need eviction locksmith services in Atlanta, call on the help of an expert technician who will be available to provide you with the best workmanship and at your service when you need it, 24/7. Call us at Locksmith Atlanta (678) 942-6714.

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    My landlord changed the locks in my apartment illegally without no type of notice. I received a court order that I can states that I’m allowed back to the apartment due to the actions the landlord has taken. The landlord never showed up in court for the hearing. I was advised by the NYPD that I could get my own locksmith and have the locks change for me to have access to the apartment and have the landlord pay for the services. I need your advise in this matter. I it’s not a an inconvenience please contact me at 646-339-1502 I really would appreciate your help in this matter.
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